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Beard Bro’s Concentrates provides top of the line concentrates. In 2015 alone, Beard Bro’s took 1st place for Solvents with their White Jack shatter, and 3rd for the White Rhino Shatter at the Karma Cup. Beard Bro’s goes above and beyond to ensure the quality of concentrate is consistent and top notch, with lab testing to back up the medical grade concentrates. The hometown advantage is given to Beard Bro’s, as they do all of their production in Victoria, BC.

 Their products are lab-tested for residuals and Beard Brother's Concentrates have shown many awards at both the 2015 Karma Cup and 2014 Karma Cup.

Cup Category Strain Rank
Karma Cup 2015 Sativa Flowers True Ocean Grown Organic 1st
  Budder Island Berry 1st
  Budder True OG Organic 2nd
  Shatter Rhino Haze 1st
  Shatter Grape Ape 2nd
  Shatter Fuck Yea 5th
  Shatter The Duke of Errl 6th
  Shatter Lemon Haze 9th
  Shatter Blue Dream 11th
Karma Cup 2014 Shatter White Jack 1st
  Shatter White Rhino 3rd

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Beard Bros

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