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What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

MJ Online posted this on May 8, 2016



Physical Attributes

Effects of High

Perfect for...


- Plant is tall and thin

- Long, narrow leaves

- Better for outdoor growth

- Associated with fruity or citrus flavour/aroma

- Cerebral, euphoric

- Energizing, uplifting, creative

- Daytime use

- May increase anxiety/paranoia

- Arts, music, creativity

- Going for walks, physical activity

- Easing depression, uplifting mood

- Doing tasks, cleaning

- Pain management


- Plant is short and bushy

- Wide leaves

- Better for indoor growth

- Associated with earthy or dank flavour/aroma

- Relaxing, calming

- “Couch-lock”, sleep inducing

- Night time use

- Relaxing at home, watching TV

- Easing anxiety, inducing sleep

- Increasing appetite

- Pain management

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