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20 MG CBD Capsules (20 Pack) [SALE]

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  1. Helped my severe back pain review by Sally's mom on 4/20/2017

    After experiencing back pain for many many years, and taking different types of pharma painkillers, there was no luck. Basically no side effects of the CBD capsules, just pain relief! Truly wonderful product. There is not a need for a traditional pain reliever, as this is the replacement! 2 capsules are great for the day. It's nice to have when you don't always want to taste the cannabis flavor. You just swallow and its easy.

  2. Why I take CBD review by Patrick on 3/20/2017

    Growing up a block and a half from Ross Rebagliati, I had always known about the relationship between snowboarders and weed. It never phased me that people were smoking weed in the gondola up to ride, or that we would take breaks in the trees to light up. But it just wasn’t my scene, and I would just say no when offered a puff. The best thing about weed smokers is that if you say no, they are chill with it. Try turning down a shot of tequila from a rugby player.

    I started to realize that for most of a last decade I had been surrounding myself with top athletes who were able to function at a high level while ingesting cannabis. When Ross and I began to look at how we could build a business together, I had just had surgery on my rotator cuff as a result of a major wipe out snowboarding down Harmony Bowl.

    The surgery was described by my surgeon as major and that recovery would take a year. Post op, I was prescribed a pill version of morphine, T3’s, anti-inflammatories and stool softener. While I was in incredible pain, the drugs made me feel like crap. (although that was one of the things I couldn’t do!) In my business, I need to be focussed and sharp. Numbers, financial pro formas and accounting are part of my every day at the office.

    With this medically prescribed cocktail, I was unable to function and felt stoned most of the day. It was like being in a fog all day, and my work product slipped very quickly.

    It was then I was introduced to CBD caplets from a Canadian government approved research facility. I took one pill in the morning and one at night. They were a high dose of CBD with a trace of THC. Immediately I was able to manage the pain without the any of the drugs. I didn’t feel at all mentally diminished or stoned, enabling me to get back to work immediately. Furthermore, the inflammation was brought down and I was able to move my shoulder better. Did I mention that I could finally go to the bathroom?

    I pretty much immediately flushed the drug cocktail and took the CBD pills for the next month. No side effects, no feeling of being stoned and what I considered a quicker recovery time than if I had continued with the pharmas

  3. Super Pain Relief review by Teresa on 1/13/2017

    A year ago, in an effort to discontinue using methadone for chronic pain relief, I started taking CBD capsules. I tried several different versions of CBD capsules and found that nothing has worked better, or more consistently than the Purely Medicinal 20mg CBD capsules. They are a miracle chronic pain reliever which works effectively on my post-cancer nerve pain, as well as on my friend's pancreatitis pain and my daughter's knee pain.

    It takes a few days to kick in and start working, but once it does, just one a day will keep the pain away! Thank you Purely Medicinal!!!

  4. No prescription drugs worked....these capsules are the best results for chronic pain, anxiety...one capsuales works in just 20 minutes review by ANTONIETTA (TONI) on 10/6/2016

    No other prescription drug works but these capsuales work within 20 minutes for chronic pain and anxiety with no side effects

  5. Everything you dream it could be! review by Jonesy on 6/10/2016

    Having recently read a lot about Cbd I ordered the 20 pack to see if it really would help with my anxiety. Having struggled with anxiety issues and attacks, I am no stranger to Xanax but because of its chemical nature I never really liked taking it but it really was the only thing that worked.

    Having taken the Cbd pills, I can honestly say that drug companies should be very affraid! These pills are a complete miracle for anxiety not to mention that they have completely relieved my chronic back pain. I have shared a dose with 5 friends and within an hour of taking one pill, all 5 have sworn to the efficacy. Try them for yourself, you will be amazed!

5 Item(s)

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